Tennis for Adults

We offer of a variety of private and group lessons for all levels, through personalised coaching which adapts to each individuals needs


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Private/Semi Private Lessons - All levels

  • 1 or maximum 2 players per coach.

  • Very personal and individual approach to work on your game

  • Can be arranged to suit your work or family schedule

Tennis Express - Beginners/Rusty players

This is a 5 week course suitable for anyone who is just starting to play or who hasn’t played in a long time.

  • Gain confidence on the court while learning/reviewing all the basic strokes, movements, rules and scoring of tennis.

  • Individual and group guidance

  • On completion, you should be able to rally the ball back and forth with your group members and even play a friendly match.


Colleagues and friends recommended it. I wanted a structured fitness class that incorporated a real sport for all year round as well as one that had a social aspect but also not overly competitive. Fun, Fitness, Friends……
— Marta

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Private Group Lessons - All levels

Come together with your friends or family to share a structured, cost effective, group lesson.

  • 3-6 players

  • All players should have a similar playing level

  • Can be arranged to meet your work or family schedule

Cardio Tennis - All levels

This 60 minute class is suitable for absolute beginners through to advanced  or competition players. It is a fun group activity, featuring drills, using low compression balls to give players of all abilities a fun, high energy workout to music. You get to improve your tennis skills while achieving a great cardio workout burning up to 700 calories per session.