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Regina moved to Leysin in 2013 where she runs her own tennis coaching business. Her love for tennis started at the age of 10 in her home country of Austria, where she played competitive junior tennis. Her junior career was followed by playing college tennis in the USA. After gaining her first coaching qualification in 2006, she has coached all over the world including the USA, England, Scotland, the UAE, Austria and Switzerland. 

Since 2016, Regina has dedicated her life to PTI and is growing her coaching business by spreading her love for tennis with as many people as possible locally in Switzerland and from all over the world.

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Ramón PARDO García


Our Tennis Partner, Peak Tennis International is thrilled to collaborate this Summer with tennis coach Ramon Pardo Garcia.  Ramon is originally from Ponferrada, Spain but now lives in Châtel-Saint-Denis in Switzerland.   He held a racket for the first time at age 8 and has been stuck to it every since.  Very passionate for competition since the very beginning, Ramon managed to enter into the Spanish TOP 250 at age 17 however later decided to focus on his studies.  

Ramon is often referred to as a tennis 'globetrotter' and we can see why.  He played college tennis in the US, and has played competitively in Norway, Germany, Italy and Spain.   He loved being part of a competitive team and absorbed all the advantages of that experience - hard work, being part of a team and sportsmanship,  all things that he strives to instil in his students now.  As a coach he has worked in countries all around the world, being part of coaching teams in Spain, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Norway and Switzerland. Ramon is able to speak six different languages and holds coaching diplomas from Spain, USA and Switzerland.  Ramon will bring to the LAS Summer Camp Team all his passion for the sport, teaching, competition and hard work and he endeavours to share his experience with the campers visiting Leysin from all around the world.

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Neil sawyer

Assistant coach & fitness

Born in South Africa, Neil spent most of his formative years in New Zealand. In 1998, Neil came to Leysin to work the winter season. He then spent the next 10 years doing back to back winter seasons between Leysin and New Zealand. In 2010, he finally settled full time in Leysin.  Neil has always loved playing sports.  As a school boy, he even represented New Zealand in water polo, however after a surprise ski holiday organised by his mother on his 10th birthday, skiing soon became his passion and he has spent the last 25 years studying and teaching skiing and snowboarding.

In 2014, wanting to work on his cardio fitness, Neil decided to try out Cardio Tennis with Regina. He quickly discovered a love of the game and 4 years on, Neil still loves his cardio tennis classes and takes weekly private lessons to improve his tennis skills. Speaking about his involvement with PTI, Neil says 'I just love passing on my passion of a sport to someone else with the same passion. It is incredibly rewarding'. In 2016 Neil started to volunteer with our young ones as a coaching assistent and quickly applied his coaching background from the slopes on to the tennis court. His passion for the sport and love of teaching inspired him to gain his own coaching qualifications which he is currently working on with Swiss Tennis and J+S. Neil is currently gaining on court experience as a hitting partner during private lessons, working with our kids tennis program and assisting with the middle and high school students of our local American boarding school. In addition he is a huge part of our summer, autumn and spring camps. 


Cindy Hansen

fitness & nutrition

Cindy has lived in Leysin for 20 years and is a former Biology teacher and now a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer.  Regina first teamed up with Cindy in 2016 to offer her clients a new fitness class called Cardio Tennis Bootcamp. After great success, these classes are now offered throughout the year. 

Cindy also does nutritional coaching with clients and has presented several nutrition talks to students at Leysin American School. 

Cindy says "I am excited to work with Regina and her programs with LAS to talk about the important role of nutrition for performing optimally in sports. The information will be hands on with direct reference to the cafeteria, snacking and their own food shopping. Students will also learn how to use nutrition and performance tracking apps to increase their awareness of their personal needs.  In addition, I will share my knowledge about fitness, conditioning and injury prevention with our tennis players” 


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stacey pilkington

Administration & support

Born and bred in Queensland, Australia, Stacey loves the ocean.  However, nothing could prepare her for the beauty of the Swiss Alps when she visited Leysin for 2 weeks in 1999.  Almost 20 years later,  Lake Geneva has become her new 'ocean' and she never tires of the stunning colours of the Fall.  

Of her role as accountant and administrator with PTI, Stacey says, ' It is so exciting to be involved in a business where passion and commitment for what we do is paramount in our philosophy.  Playing tennis has so many physical benefits but so many non-physical benefits too, like discipline, team work, calmness & goal setting. We at PTI believe it is imperative to focus on the growth of the athlete as well as the life skills of the individual. '

Stacey’s love for tennis started late, when encouraged to do a cardio tennis class in 2014. Tennis now plays a big role in her life and she enjoys playing on a regular basis.