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SWEAT. SMILE. REPEAT.  Come and exercise your mind and body with us. 



Cardio Tennis is the "third way to play tennis," rather than traditional singles and doubles matches. This high energy fitness class is a social and fun workout for players at any level. On average, during a one hour class, women can burn between 400-600 calories, whereas men can burn up to 1000 calories. Even if you have never played tennis before, you will feel the benefits of Cardio Tennis!

Cardio Tennis gets your heart going, and is such a mood booster with the energetic music and people



PTI is very happy to collaborate with Cindy Hansen from LiftLeysin to offer regular Bootcamp sessions of intense interval training. The benefits of intense interval training are well studied and documented and include weight loss, increase in stamina, boosted metabolism and improvement in muscle tone. Each 90 min full-body workout session is made up of a warm up, cardio tennis, core & strength training and a cool down & stretching.

I wanted to start playing tennis again in a low pressure, fun environment and get a good workout at the same time!



With Cardio Tennis Triples Tournaments, players experience the camaraderie of a team event in a format that only takes a couple of hours. The tournaments are fast-paced, social and definitely calorie-burning. Players of any level love this fun event.

I always feel energised after the class - even better than coffee - it is a great way to start the day