Kids Tennis

We offer of a variety of private and group lessons for all levels, through personalised coaching which adapts to each individuals needs

‘You have been fantastic in helping Elodie enjoy sports and activities. A year ago she really didn’t, and your patience and kindness and love of it has made her also blossom into a little one who loves her activities! Thank you for that.
— SUZY, parent

PTI Kids U12 follow a kids tennis programme which allows them to learn the game of tennis with smaller courts, nets, rackets and slower balls. This adapted approach allows the players to develop essential skills and techniques which are game-orientated, age appropriate and child friendly. This concept was first introduced in North America, but Europe quickly followed with the Mini Tennis program in the U.K. In 2015, Swiss Tennis introduced the Kids Tennis High School program which is now very successful through Switzerland.

PTI offers the following programs in a group setting. All classes are adapted to the child’s ability and growth. Every child is unique and the development depends on their individual progress; therefore, the group classes below might be adapted and the age range could vary.


PTI MOPPETS (3-5 years)

Introduction to fun games and activities which enhance the fundamental skills of coordination, agility, balance, movement, racket and ball skills. The little ones play on smaller courts with mini nets using sponge balls which are double the size of a regular tennis ball.


PTI RED MONKEYS (5-8 years)

Red players play with a slower and bigger red felt ball on a smaller court where they learn to serve, rally and score. In addition they learn the fundamental movement and coordination skills needed for tennis. During the group classes, players are encouraged to play fun competition and games in teams and as individuals.



Orange players play with a low compression ball (50% slower) and on a bigger court, but not on a full size court yet. Players develop a rounded game; they continue to improve their movement and coordination skills, learn a range of technical skills and will be introduced to the tactical aspect of the game. General tennis and match rules are also slowly introduced and put into practice.



Green players on a full size court, but still with a low compression ball (25% slower). This ball doesn’t bounce as high as a normal tennis ball and is also recommended for starter adults. The players continue to develop their fundamental movement, technical and tactical skills and put these abilities into practice during games and match practice.



After completing the Kids Tennis program, the players will transition to the normal yellow ball. Newcomers age 12+ might start on the green ball (25% slower) and advance to regular tennis ball when they are ready.